To be precise

I came out from such a holy place, Though cried alot seeing people's craze, (I said) Oh ! I don't wanna come please spare me, To be precise, I was not ready for the race. Crawling was actually a try of an escape, So that I can ran away from the trap. I used to get angry if someone would lift me up, To be precise, I did not want to be in videos and snap. School days before teens, spent in combing hair, "Good Girl" was to be proved so I didn't dare. I did not shy to be any John's pair To be precise, mumma's girl had frame of care. Teenage started and all the tunes changed, Granny’s oil, Daddy's talk was not in trend. Glands were enjoying being called significant now, To be precise, ‘mood’ was fully in body's trend. Started college with painted long nails, Crushes, craziness were expected, not boring mails. Eyes and Skin were only sold in late night chats, To be precise, My BF would need me when he got fail. Haha ! Yeah ! Finally, I am married now, I